Friends & Family Season Pass Application - Fulltime & Part Time Only

The 2020 application for Family & Friends Platinum Passes is now available. This benefit is available for any full-time or part-time status associate (as defined by HR). If you are unsure of your current employment status, please see your division leader.

Within 3-5 days of completion of the application, you will be emailed a document containing your gift codes, as well as purchase/redemption instructions.

This program remains unchanged from the 2019 season. As a reminder, I have placed the different eligibility requirements below. All passes issued through this program are Platinum Passes. To see the full list of benefits included with the platinum pass, please see the attached image.

  1. Complimentary Family Platinum Passes:
    1. Eligible recipients – Spouses and minor children (under age 18)
  2. Complimentary Platinum “Buddy” Pass:
    1. Available to single (unmarried) associates with no minor children (under age 18) · Eligible recipient – Anyone of your choosing
  3. Discounted Platinum Passes:
    1. $50 + tax each for all eligible family members (adult son/daughter age 18+, adult son/daughter-in-law age 18+, grandchildren, brother/sister, including step and in-law, parent, including step and in-law, grandparent, including step and in-law)
    2. $50 each for up to 5 (five) passes for anyone of your choosing. These do not have to be family members.