Associate Transportation

Cedar Point offers many transportation options for associates that live in Associate Housing and in the Sandusky area. These offerings include on-site parking, intrapark & campus transportation on the associate bus, and off-site transportation provided by the Sandusky Transit System (STS).

On Site Parking

All associates who wish to park a vehicle on Cedar Point property is required to register their vehicle and obtain a parking pass. Vehicle registration and parking passes are free for all associates of Cedar Point and Cedar Fair. Please click here to access the Vehicle Registration Form. Please note: you must log in or create an account to access Vehicle Registration.

Intrapark & Campus Transportation

The Cedar Point bus(s) run from the Associate Housing campus to the Park on a daily, fixed route schedule. Click here to view the bus status, route, and schedule information.

Sandusky Transit System

Cedar Point is extremely proud to partner with the City of Sandusky to offer free transportation services through the Sandusky Transit System (STS). STS buses service the greater Sandusky area, click here to view their route, and fixed schedule brochure.