Sandusky Transit System

City of Sandusky
Sandusky Transit System

Cedar Point, in partnership with the City of Sandusky, is excited to offer FREE transportation services to all Cedar Point Associates on the Sandusky Transit System (STS).

Associate may utilize their Cedar Point ID as their bus pass starting January 1, 2019.

The Sandusky Transit System offers bus services to most locations in the greater Sandusky area. See below for a digital route map, or pick up a printed copy availble at the Human Resources Office & Associate Housing Office.

All Sandusky Transit System buses are ADA accessible. Cedar Fair associates may utilize this perk using their Cedar Fair ID card. Dial-A-Ride services provided by the Sandusky Transit System are not included in this partnership.

Sandusky Transit System Direction with Google Maps

Riding and transportation directions on the Sandusky Transit System are available digitally using Google Maps. Download the app for Android and iOS devices to get started! Or, visit!

Transit Mobile App

Download the Transit Mobile app from your app store for STS directions. Plus, track the location of STS buses so you never miss one!

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