Associate Dining & Retail

Best Day Bistro
Stage Coach Cafe
Commons Canteen
Best Day Bistro Hours

Monday - Friday: 11am-1pm
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

The Best Day Bistro will close for the 2020 Season on Friday, November 13, 2020.

Thank you for a great season!

Commons Stores Hours

Closed for the 2020 Season.

Social Distancing Reminder

Please be mindful of social distancing as you visit the Best Day Bistro, Commons Canteen, and ARC Associate Store. Stay 6ft/2m away from other associates.

We're all in this together!

Cedar Point offers three dining locations for associates. These locations include the Best Day Bistro, Stage Coach Cafe, and the Commons Canteen. Each location is open at various times throughout the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service. Each location also offers a revolving daily menu. Check out each location below.

Best Day Bistro

The Best Day Bistro is located in the heart of Cedar Point, next to Melt Bar and Grill. The Birstro is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the main season, the Bistro is open at 7:00 am and closes one hour before the park closing. This location has something for everyone, with a wide variety of sandwiches, fried foods, a salad bar, and Grab & Go's.

Stage Coach Cafe

Stage Coach Cafe is located in the back of the park behind the horse basketball game. The hours vary and are posted at the location. Make sure you try one of their famous grilled cheese sandwiches as well as the new Grab & Go's.

Commons Canteen

The Commons Canteen is on the Associate Housing Campus. The hours for this location vary with park hours; please see times posted at the location. The Canteen has a wide selection of Grab & Go's, fried foods, and items from the grill. The Canteen is your place to go when you are away from work and just need a bite to eat.

In addition to associate dining, Cedar Point also offers an associate retail location.

Commons Store

The Commons Store offers workplace approved Cedar Point jackets, hats, and sunglasses, in addition to fresh coffee, and other necessities & toiletries such as bed linens & blankets. The retail store also stocks convenience items including a variety of snacks and beverage.

Please note: service hours and menus may change at anytime, with or without notice.

Associate Dining Menus

Associate dining menus are subject to change without notice.